Segmentation and Targeting

Market Segmentation is the division of the market or population into subgroups with similar motivations. Widely used bases for segmenting include

geographic differences
personality differences
demographic differences
use of product differences
psychographic differences

Every company, online or offline must understand the market they are working in and how to better cater to their ideal customers. You can go in-depth and view the various demographics and similarities within the market in order to create segmentations and narrow the target market. And in order to create the ideal, target customer, the information must be quite detailed.

Digital Marketing is similar to billboard marketing, one clear message to a target audience is less of a shotgun approach and more targeted. No two customers (now and future) are the sme and each will react differently to the same message. So why do organisations insist on delivering the same message to every customer or worse its all about us and our features not about the benefits to the client – the reason why they buy from you.
Segment your customers and deliver appropriate messages is the key and this stage of the Digital marketing strategy process will assist you with this aspect.