Emerging Internet Trends

Imagine a world without Facebook, Google, Mobile Phones, even the Internet. These are all relatively new concepts to many people living today. Where will we be in 10 years time, even 5 years time. Our ability to predict innovations has shown to be poor, and this isn’t likely to change. Things we do know is that trends and patterns that we will continue to see – swings between centralisation and decentralisation, openness and walled gardens, increasing growth of mobile and local information, search and aggregation will continue.

 Certain industries, countries, people and applications will succeed and others won’t. How will this impinge on your strategy, have you even considered these emerging trends as part of your strategy?
 How will you remain informed?
 Will you be proactive or reactive and embrace these emerging trends and develop your business in line with these or will you wait until you see your competitor capitalising on this opportunity?
 Will you become overwhelmed with these emerging trends and get caught up in the details?

As part of the Digital Marketing Strategy process we encourage you to look ahead and attempt to predict, with certainty where possible, so that you can develop in line with the future trends.

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