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To define a keyword strategy
To optimise your website
To create a blog & other content
To promote content & participate in social media
To convert site traffic into leads
To nurture leads with email marketing
To be mobile-friendly
To analyse & refine strategies

Since the mid 1990s, marketers have been confronted by a proliferation of new channels, opportunities and technologies that have simultaneously fragmented the audiences they’re trying to reach.

Many organisations are unsure of how to contend with these shifts and appropriately budget for the management and integration. Emarkable helps marketers achieve balance in their approach to five key areas affected by the growth in digital marketing.

Five Key Areas






The assumptions, objectives and plans that guide marketing are especially essential in periods of rapid change

How money is allocated is a key factor in whether strategy becomes reality


The goal of keeping customers has grown in importance as it plays an increasing role in socially – driven acquisition


Determining whether new channels and technologies are a good fit is an important exercise in learning and time management

Internal and external teams need to constantly learn and evolve to master the new elements of marketing

Any survey of the digital marketing ecosystem will reveal one unavoidable truth – there is no one right answer to the big questions, and no benchmarks that apply across the entire spectrum of companies.  That’s why Emarkable uses a mix of solutions and resources, including a  number of people from experienced digital marketing backgrounds during the digital marketing  process.