Digital Marketing Goals, what do you want to achieve

What do you want to achieve? More sales, more leads, more customers? Over the years we have worked with many people whose online goal was to ‘have a website’. This was going to deliver real differences in their organisation over the coming months and years.

These are NOT goals

Some common goals for Web sites are:

  • Online sales. Make sales
  • Marketing. Improve branding
  • Online service. Offer online version of phone service
  • Information delivery. Provide information on all products and services
  • Customer support. Have a contact us page

These are the types of goals we like to see:

  • Online sales. 300,000 in sales of product X in March in Ireland to new customers aged 15-35.
  • Marketing. 20,000 site visitors have downloaded our coupon and visited our retail outlet in march
  • Online service. 45% less service calls and 120% increase in visitors to the FAQ page with 15% increase in sales from the FAQ page.
  • Information delivery. 40,000 less brochures posted, 40,000 delivered by email or download.
  • Customer support. 3% reduction in customer complaints

These are all tangible, realistic goals that can be achieved if the right clarity and focus has been attained by an organisation.

What are your goals? Are you achieving them?

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