Competitor Benchmarking

Website Competitor Benchmark Process

Use your competitors’ best practices to optimise your website

Does your website have what it takes to beat the competition? What are its strengths and weaknesses and what can you do to improve its overall performance? Assessing your position compared to your main competitors and learning from their best practices is an excellent way to help you decide on any future investments. With emarkable’s  Website Competitor Benchmark Process you now have the means to determine your priorities in the context of the competitive product marketplace.

Now includes reporting across Social Media sites

Not only can Emarkable evaluate competitor web site but we can evaluate the quality of your online reputation management against your competition. This means evaluating the performance on facebook, twitter, Linkedin and other social media platforms.

Emarkable helps you determine your website’s performance compared to websites from your direct competitor or a relevant set of others. Email us with a list of your competitors. By integrating both quantitative results and qualitative feedback, we offer you a most effective research method in which respondents evaluate either your own, or your competitors’ website on a number of Key Performance Indicators. By comparing the results for each website, you can accurately determine the competitive strength of your website as well as identify the necessary steps to outperform the competition.

Ever wanted to know how much your competitor is spending on Google adwords per month?

Emarkable can answer that question.

Repeating the benchmark, enables you to compare results over time. In this way you can see the impact of changes you or your competitors have implemented. Of course, the study can be scaled up by performing the research in multiple countries, either using the same competitors for all countries or selecting specific competitors for each participating country.


  • Emarkable reports offer an in-depth analysis of all data and zoom in on the specific aspects you need, as they: show you the overall performance of your website
  • indicate under- and over performing elements
  • offer actionable suggestions on how to improve the website and social media platforms and increase its impact on your customers’ decision making process
  • address best practices for different elements of the site
  • Insight in the strengths of your website compared to your competitors
  • Ranking you and your competitors’ websites on all major KPI’s
  • A close evaluation and valid comparison of your, and your competitors’ website and the opportunity to learn from your competitors’ best practices
  • Factual, quantitative results presented in a qualitative context
  • Insightful reports containing detailed information pinpointing areas of improvement compared to your competitors
  • A methodology perfectly equipped for Multi-country studies
  • Multi-wave studies to detect any changes in your competitive strength over time and see the effect of your actions