Test and React

You don’t have all the answers, we don’t have all the answers, things change that are within our control, things change that are outside our control.

So all we can do is use our combined experience, best practice, research (competition, market, client, products, research tools) and a willing ness to give it a go. So we start with a business model, a formula and this formula has many many assumptions, then we test these assumptions. Obviously the more clarity and focus we have with a clear and unambigious strategy reduces risk and unnecessary assumptions but we are delving into the unknown.

So we test, then we change, then we test, then we change, each time developing and adapting the campaign to suit the strategic objectives.


Are you testing, reacting, developing or are you like Kevin Kostner in field of dreams – Build it and they will come…..?

You must continuously test and react to develop – to continuously improve – is that not your objective – to continuously improve, develop and build a business.

This takes time, resources and commitment. Measure, record and learn how to improve your digital marketing strategy.


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