Information Architecture

Information architecture (also known as IA) is the foundation for great web design. Would you build a house without a plan? It is the blueprint of the site upon which all other aspects are built – form, function, metaphor, navigation and interface, interaction, and visual design. Building SEO, marketing, social media and other elements are also important. Initiating the IA process is the first thing you should do when designing a site. Emarkable has specific methods and processes for developing a site’s information architecture.

Clients sometimes view the development of an IA to be impractical, both in terms of the time it takes and the skill needed to do it effectively. But this mentality is slowly changing. A good IA is incredibly effective, and knowing the basics of the IA process can save both time and money in the long run. Also, you don’t need to be an expert to use it to your advantage.

Emarkable will demonstrate how easy and powerful the IA process can be.

Each article presents a portion of a design document. Upon completing this process, you will have the template for a complete IA design document; the record of the decisions made in designing the site. It serves as a road map for the site’s construction. Additions and revisions are made easier by the presence of this document.

Also, just about everyone these days is a proponent of ease-of-use. Well, ease-of-use starts here. It’s practically guaranteed if you have a solid information architecture at the outset.

Have you used Information Architecture with your current site?
Are you willing to spend time, money and resources in the planning stage?
Have you considered all of the aspects that will need to go into your plan?