Engagement Strategy

A traditional online community is a group of people who interact together and have a relationship over time on a site where people can interact around a common interest. A loosely coupled online community is a group of people who are joined together by a common interest and have conversations is different – this might include groups on social networking sites or a network of blogs.

It’s important to determine if your organisation needs a traditional online community or something else. A critical factor for success in both types is having an engagement strategy. An engagement strategy can help your organisation attract more traffic, loyal supporters, more content, more links, and other values. But it requires investing the time to build relationships with people (yes, even one-on-one interaction) or “network weaving skills.”

This process covers the key touch points for developing an online engagement strategy and a look at network weaving skills.

 Do you understand the difference between traditional online community and loosely coupled community and how that impacts your approach and strategy?
 Do you understand the basics steps for developing an engagement strategy to guide community building efforts?
 Do you understand the techniques for encouraging community participation?
 Do you understand the best practices of network weaving skills and how to apply them?
 Do you really need a community? Or something else?
 What questions do you need to ask to guide your online community building strategy?
 How do you encourage community participation?
 What are the best practices for network weaving (one-on-one interaction)?