Search Engine Optimisation

Have you ever wondered why some sites turn up at the top of any given search result while others are buried 10, 20 or 100 pages down?

There are specific techniques used when building a website that can determine whether or not a search engine can actually find the website to begin with, and then where it ranks that site in its database. These techniques are referred to as search engine optimisation (abbreviated as SEO) and are really quite complex.

That’s because searchers demand only the most relevant results from their searches, so the search engines are constantly changing and refining the way they capture and categorise content. It takes an SEO expert to understand this constantly evolving process and to implement the techniques that ensure a top ranking.

 Is your site ranking well on search engines? For your brand? for your product and service?
 Are you aware of why this happens?
 Did you know Google constantly changes its ranking algorithm?
 Did you know facebook and youtube are set to surpass Google in search queries?