Future needs

A thorough understanding of your business goals alone is not enough to ensure a flawless execution that delivers results. While it takes only one mediocre designer or developer to ruin a website, it takes a highly skilled and professionally managed team to produce a successful ecommerce business, including:

  • A Developer – for site development and technical specifications
  • An Ecommerce Business Analyst – to conduct the appropriate research, plan comprehensive strategies, competitor analysis, market analysis, product suitability. What is your Model? How will you be different than your competition and how will you make money?
  • A Quality Assurance Specialist – to ensure that the project does what it’s supposed to do, makes sure that it’s right for its’ intended users, and makes sure there aren’t any problems with the project when it’s live.
  • An Information Architect – how will you display our information to gain the maximum conversions? why do retail companies spend so much on layout of their shop? its the same online.
  • A User-Experience Specialist – who is shopping with you? what is their expected experience? why are some shopping sites more popular than others? The user has an experience that makes them buy and return to buy again.
  • A Project Manager to manage the workflow, the people, resources, timelines, communications and results. This means you spend less time managing a project.
  • A Mentor – We advise, instruct, facilitate, assist, strategise, argue, monitor, lead, help, and keep the plan on track.
  • A Search Engine Optimisation Specialist (to ensure search-engine friendliness is incorporated into the site architecture) – no traffic, no business. Search engine provide up to 90% of your visitors. Search engine visitors are actively looking for your product and service and are ready to buy. If you do not develop a successful traffic generation strategy you will struggle with numbers.
  • An Art Director – to create the design style guide and give directions to the designers.
  • A Marketing Coach – are you comfortable with Internet marketing, are you happy that you have the inhouse skills to drive and develop this business?

so digital is changing every day – where was facebook  4 years ago,  twitter three years ago what is around the corner, mobile?social? who knows? you need to know because you need to prepare for this.

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