Are you measuring activity, results, or progress. We strive for continuous improvement in results. But to do this the organisation must become a learning organisation, an organisation that learns from effort, successes and failures.

 How are you measuring this?
 What measurements have you in place?
 Are they based on science or gut feelings?
 How do you know if someone is doing the right job?
 How do you know if this is producing the right result?
 Is it part of the plan?
 What is your evaluation system?
 your benchmark system?
 How can you tell if your team member is going a good job or a great job?
 Should you build in incentives?
 Should people be judged on their achievements of objectives?

Most companies have a huge improvement potential.  Start by measuring your results. You cannot manage what you don’t measure. This section outlines a few important areas for measurement. At first you should try to measure and evaluate your company’s  success rate and its ability to stick to time schedules and business plans for digital marketing development projects. Most companies can significantly increase profits by improving the efficiency of their development processes. Emarkable maps the present state of your company, the areas in which you can improve, and how much you can improve the profits generated by digital marketing.


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