Acquisition E-mail Marketing

Develop a Acquisition E-mail marketing strategy for better results

There is some understandable confusion between best practices for using email marketing for retention and email marketing for acquisition. Proven email tactics for building on an existing client relationship are altogether different to those employed in trying to pull prospects in from the cold.

You invest a lot of time and money trying to win new customers via email marketing, search marketing, events and other tactics. But are your tactics effective? Do you even know who your target customer is? Are newly acquired leads or customers falling through the cracks because of an inadequate follow-up process?

In a slow economy, existing customers are spending less, and companies are relying more on customer-acquisition programs to increase sales. Whether the delivery mechanisms are postal mail, email, pay per click (PPC), organic search or events, customer-acquisition programs that bring in a high volume of new customers at the right cost are a top priority. However, most companies are not getting the desired results. Usually, it’s because of a significant disconnect between the objective and the actual programs in place. Unless acquisition programs are finely tuned and accompanied by strong metrics, many end up as expensive experiments with results far below expectations.

Are you developing a list of prospects and customers?
Are you segmenting your list?
Are you developing different messages for different people?
Have you the inhouse skills to develop this?
Are you using effective tools for this?