Conversion Architecture

Maximise Your Leads and Profits with a Website Conversion Architecture Overhaul

Effectively implementing and tracking a strategically designed Conversion Architecture system is proven to increase conversions for business-to-business providers and therefore critical to the success or failure of your website.

Conversion Architecture increases the number of visitors that take action by improving relationships between the buying and selling process, your businesses products and services, and the consumers needs/wants/desires.

  • Purchasing a product online
  • Submitting a contact/lead generation form
  • Call your business for more information
  • Opt-in to a Newsletter
  • Download whitepapers/resources

Our Emarkable Internet Marketing Consultants analyze your business with proven processes and methodologies to increase conversion rates, ROI, customer satisfaction, and profits!

Gain an understanding of your business

We need to know everything about who your business is, what you do and why you do it. What are your business’ goals? Taking the time to listen to your objectives, challenges, constraints, strengths, and weaknesses is where we are able to best provide solutions for your business.

In turn, this helps us identify the truly relevant information that will provide Unique Selling Propositions or reasons why clients should chose you, now, over your rivals.

Discovering your clients

Once you have a good idea of your current clients, we need to discover:

who are potential clients you would like to reach
why they currently aren’t clients
your rivals’ clients
why they don’t belong to you


In this process we identify the common threads of your client segments, to gain an understanding of how your product or service will help them.

Sales paths to simplify web visitors’ decision-making process

During this stage we work out how we can build all the elements that your clients need if they are to be ready to take action and achieve your conversion goal. We create pages providing your solutions customised to their unique problems needs.

Web analytics for continual improvement

We measure your website’s performance and report trends with suggested action to maximise opportunities.

This process is all about the buyers’ needs and as such will improve your conversion rate. Contact us to see how we can work with you today to improve your website to make it really profitable.

Conversion Architecture Check List.

Home page.

  • Home page must load within 5 seconds
  • All pages must have a call or calls to action
  • All content is specifically written for my target audience or ideal client/clients
  • Each product has a specific path the client takes that leads to a sale.
  • All content is accurate and relevant and kept up to date.

  • There must be a specific goal or purpose for the website.
  • All calls to action lead to conversions.
  • Have a way to track all sales/conversions { google analytics }.
  • All forms on the site are easy to understand/read and fill out and short.
  • There are numerous ways on the site for the customer to contact us.

What not to have on your website

Pop up ads.
Excessive flash images and audio/video.
Broken links.
Difficult navigation.
Poor quality images.
Site has sales or promotional material that has expired.