Online Partner Analysis

Who do you want to work with? Can you do all of the work that is needed yourself or do you need help? We would work through the process of resource assessment and resource allocation. There are some wonderful products and services in the marketplace that would help you achieve your goals and objectives while saving you time and effort.

 Who are you working with at the moment?
 Are you using an online email marketing system like constant contact or aweber?
 A CRM system like sales force or Act?
 Is your Accounting system compatible with you plans?
 Are you outsourcing tasks like SEO, PPC and web design?

Projects get delayed and expectations are not met because people do not work with the right partners. The starting point is to clearly define your needs, expectations and available resources. Once you can define your requirements then you can evaluate different tools, partners and outsourcing options.

Emarkable can make recommendations on possible partners and also evaluate current and prospective partners against a defined set of criteria.


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