When looking at a big internet technology investment, most people wonder, “How can I be sure my organisation gets the most out of all this money?”



Contrary to popular belief, the biggest factor that determines success is the organisational dynamics, not the choice or design of the tools themselves. Adding good technology to an organisation that isn’t tuned for it will almost always result in poor outcomes.

We can help you design and build an internet governance and organisational plan that ensures optimum processes for web management, effective web teams and reporting lines, skilled and motivated web staff, and a culture that values the internet and the operations behind it.

There are so many legal issues, culture issues, change management aspects, all related to the people in the organisation – the weakest link in the chain can tend to be the people involved in the change process – uneducated, unsuitable, badly led, no passion for the task.


We can also work with you over the long term to undertake organisational change management to implement the plan and ensure that you’re ready for your next big technology investment.

These are big decisions – using new technologies to develop our business. This needs to be mnaged from the top and by the people in positions of authority.


is this your organistion?
can you successfully implement change with digital media?
what issue do you envisage?

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