Own Digital Marketing Review

Present :-  Where are you now?
Past :-       How did you get here?
Future :-    Where are you going?

How are you getting there, what’s the plan? So for us to assist you in moving forward we need to review the past and the current situation. Through this analysis we can get into the heart of your organisation, understand your core competencies and discover the rationale for your action to date.

Using quantitive and qualitative analysis we can assess your current situation. (We can also benchmark against your competition).

Analytics will be at the core of this analysis

  • Search Engine positions
  • Advertising spend
  • Online sales
  • Online Reputation
  • Web Analytics
  • Costs associated with Digital marketing
  • Expected Results
  • Actual results

Other aspects include

Website management
Social Media presence
Technology review, tools and resources used
Competency of people and education plan